Volunteer Committeemen?

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Volunteer Committeemen?

I keep hearing that "CA is very different from other states" and that the Committeeman in CA is a volunteer (sometimes appointed, but I know that's incorrect), and is not elected by the precinct.
Has anyone found any info on the Committeeman in California?
Here's what someone just told me:
CA is very different than other states.  Some counties have assembly districts and others have supervisors. 
My group Make Cali Great is launching a Patriot Precinct Leadership Project where we can educate inform and train interested precinct leaders how to become the (Committeeman) of their precinct. In CA, these precinct leaders are voluntary, Not Elected. 
It’s not an easy task. There are hundreds of precincts in one city alone. For example. In LA county, there are about 400 cities. In each city there are about 300 precincts. So finding unpaid volunteers will be crucial for the project to work. 
We are currently using LA County, specifically Long Beach city as our example when educating people. We are also working on a website which will hopefully go live in about a week  
We agree with the influence and need for Precinct Leaders. Thus the need for this project. 
What is your complete address? We can send you your precinct list if you are interested in becoming one. 
Thanks for your interest.