What is the deal with Iowans, anyway?

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What is the deal with Iowans, anyway?

Dear People of Iowa,

I cannot help but wonder if it is simply the "fear factor" or just plain laziness on the part of the average Iowan that is keeping more Iowans from becoming actively involved within their community and beyond in fighting "the good fight."

It's a shame (on Iowans) and a true travesty, that only one person stands listed as an Organizer for the liberties and/or rights of some 3.09 million fellow Iowans.


I wish I understood the issue(s) in this matter and what the hold-up on other Iowans becoming actively involved was all about!

In any event, my sincerest appreciation, gratitude, respect, best wishes, and blessings to Todd D. - apparently Iowa's only true American Patriot.

May the rest awaken, see "the light" and begin actively participating in manifesting their own rights to life, liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness, in their own not-too-distant futures ... as well as for that which is best for all of their fellow Iowans!

All my best to you, Todd D.

Thank you, kindly ... and good luck!!!

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Hello, I just found and joined this group. You are right in asking what's the deal with Iowans. I have no answer either. I can present a case in which an entire small community of 900 people sat back and watched one member of their community be stripped of all her Constitutional Rights along with her home, business, property and health. A partial compilation is at https://poisonedbymyneighborfromhell.wordpress.com/ I am seeking assistance in Federal jurisdiction or whatever it is that has to be done to be made whole again.