Become a Committeeman

We are training people to become "Committeeman" in all 3,133 United States Counties. We will need at least two (2) Committeemen per county within your State to take back your State. We need both Democrats and Republicans.

Elected Committeemen is an unpaid position, serve a two year term, and usually meets once a month or once every two months. Meetings are held in the evening and usually run two hours. During the election seasons Committeemen meet in the evening to interview People who want your support to get them on the ballot. Committeemen have the power of recall when elected individuals betray our trust. Committeemen monitor the Primary and General Elections and witness the counting of the votes. Their total commitment is about 40 to 50 hours a year. This is a powerful position where We the People exercise consent to our government. You may run for Committeeman in any election district in the town you live in. Every American should become an elected committeeman at least once in their life.

In order to qualify for these positions you will need to take the following NLA's courses, we suggest in the following order:

(1) Govenment by Consent Course, (2) Free Civics Course and (3) Free Constitutional Course found under our "Free Courses" Tab on the main menue. Positions will be filled by the first four People to complete the required courses or most advansed in the courses at the time of hiring.


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Rose Ann Salina KS