CLICK HERE For a Committee of Safety Step by Step Organizing Handbook

Organizing begins with one person taking the initiative to get things going by finding one other person and then another and another until you have four people willing to hold or temporarily hold the following committee positions - Chairman, Co-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer; Call you District Leader who will give you a list of NLA Members in your state by county. You should invite members that are in other counties who can learn from you and start a COS in their county.

This page is a synopsis of our comprehensive plan to save our Republic via "County Committees of Safety." Committees of Saftey is the process our Founding Fathers used to have "Government by Consent" in the colonies. It is also the process our Founding Fathers used to govern as they fought the revolutionary war and establish the United States of America. After which, the COS continued in order to maintain "Government by Consent" by controlling our political and judicial processes. But, over the process of time the ABA and Major Tax-Exempt Foundations seized control of our education, news media that control the national narrative, economy and banking system, thereby seizing total control of our political and judicial processes. This subjected us to the will of the deep state thereby destroying our "Common Law Republic." The framework of our government is still there but is under the control of organize crime. Today "We the People" by the mercy of God, having rediscovered the formula, that being the "Committee of Safety," have a "Narrow Window of Opportunity" to resurrect the "Committees of Safety" in every US County and "Take Back our Republic" as our "Founding Fathers" did through "Committees of Safety" in their day. There is no other way, "We the People" must act NOW! Follow the step by step process using the "County COS Organizing Handbook." The clock is ticking!

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Meet with NLA's Founders - If you have any questions concerning Committees of Safety.

Join our Monday Night Open Forum

In the beginning you should meet somewhere convenient for coffee on a Saturday morning or evening after work to start discussing ideas. Continue meeting off the fly at least once a week for twenty minutes or more until you have these four positions filled. Once you organize the aforesaid executive committee find a venue in your county that is centrally located making it convenient for all to travel to, libraries and town halls are best.

Venue Ideas:

  • Library
  • Town hall
  • Private club
  • Back room of a bar, restaurant, or dinner, etc.

Go to to join our weekly open forum and take our courses.

"Contact your District Leader" to give you a list of NLA members in your State by county to call and invite to your COS seminat. Some of these People may have fallen back to sleep do your best to wake them up! NLA District Leaders are there to assist you and answer questions.


The organizers of the County Committee of Safety” should meet as often as possible in person, on line, and on the phone to discuss and plan your COS. During this time you should be drawing as many people as possible into your planning stage. You should list out and eventually invite people from the many liberty minded groups and organizations within your county and even in nearby counties, this will stimulate the growth of COS’s in your neighboring counties.

Contact your “NLA District Leader” who can give you a list of NLA members within your State (first names and telephone numbers) that you can invite to your seminar and work together to develop COS’s throughout your State, for there is power in numbers! Some People will take the initiative to visit all the counties in your state to stimulate COS’s throughout your State. Remember “United We Stand” because we have been divided too long!

Your first meeting is an introduction to the People in your County on how “We the People” can have “Government by Consent” as required “by Law,” via our “Founding Documents.” Therefore, you might want to call your first meeting a “Seminar,” which is a “Course of Instruction.”

Seminars can run from 2 to 8 hours and even an entire weekend. We estimate that our introduction seminar should take about 3 hours to introduce to the People how our “Founding Fathers” used the “Committee of Safety,” and how it can accomplish “Government by Consent,” today. After which you should allow for an hour for an open forum on the COS.

Create orPrint a Flyer” to handout before the “Open Forum.”

Download the “Jurist Handbook” to hand out to everyone at the end of the seminar. This is a powerful 38 pages handbook that should be printed on both sides, (that would take 19 pages). It’s a lot of printing but it’s worth it because it’s a real eye-opener that will give the reader a liberated state of mind needed to have "Government by Consent!"

Book your venue for a date 20-30 days in advance and start inviting people.

Your Seminar Schedule might be as Follows:

* Start off with a Prayer or a Bible reading (2 min)
* Pledge of Allegiance (1 min)
* Video, The Star Spangled Banner like you never heard it before (12 min)
* Our Founding Fathers and Committees of Safety (31 min)
* Intermission - Play the Edgar County Watchdogs Video (13 min) and We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore Video (3 min)
* Committees of Safety Presentation (35 min)
* Open Forum (60 min)
* Invitation to join the Committee of Safety (20 min)
* Set the date for your next meeting, have all the members join your “Committee of Safety Meetup.” This is discussed in the County Committee of Safety Handbook.

Seminar Videos & Power Point Videos

Download the following “Videos” & “Power Point Videos” below for your seminar. To download “right click the MP4” and “select save link as.” Or download the “Power Point Presentation” below (same download process) and perform the “Committee of Safety Presentation” live.

Power Point


Meeting should be monthly, duration about two hours and stay on point.

  • Have existing members bring guests.
  • Invite friends, neighbors, and co-workers.
  • Contact and ask for a list of NLA members names and phone numbers in your county.
  • Invite Volunteer fire department.
  • Invite Volunteer Ambulance.
  • Invite Volunteer Rescue.
  • Invite Home Schoolers.
  • Invite Meetup groups.
  • Invite Liberty groups.
  • Invite Gun Clubs.
  • Invite Veterans Club.
  • Post invitation on bulletin boards in stores, colleges, Craig’s list, etc.
  • Once you are ready invite your Sheriff and then elected individuals from your political subdivisions.
  • Encourage People in surrounding counties to organize their counties by inviting them to your meeting.

 Meeting Protocol:

  • Have a sign in sheet [name, town, phone, email]
  • Everyone should bring a guest
  • Prayer - (1 min)
  • Pledge allegiance - (1 min)
  • Have everyone introduce themselves - (5 min)
  • Pass the Donation can (while people are introducing themselves) or agree on monthly dues
  • Committee Reports to the General Committee - (20 min)
  • New Business tasks to be performed to sub-committes and reported on at the next meeting - (20 min)
  • Topic - play a power point video - (30 min) [First meeting NLA plan]
  • Discussion - (45 min)
  • Close meeting - the following info should be announced and on a flyer to handout at the end
  • Thank people for coming
  • Announce the date of the next meeting
  • Send People to take Government by Consent Course at
  • Invite People to our National Monday night open forum [click on weekly call]

Subject Matter: [topics and discussions] stay on point. CLICK HERE for power point videos, documents, memorandums of Law and more.

  • Committeeman
  • Jury Administration
  • Common Law
  • Equity
  • Grand Jury
  • Petit Jury
  • Militia (reserve)
  • Republic review
  • Founding Documents
  • American Heritage
  • How to approach the Sheriff and organize for Posse Comitatus
WARNING: Be alert that your CCOS is not hijacked by radicals with an agenda or ego trip bringing in division, Anna Von Ritz's movement who wants to rewrite our Constitution and create a new government structure, or the man on the land movement. Claiming that we need to declare our standing and file it in the county record, give up our citizenship, drivers license, etc.. The word citizen is used 11 times in the Constitution. The word citizen does not tie us to civil law.

NOTE: Every County Committee of Safety is "Free and Independent" we need to be uniform in our COS creation and duties, just like the original 13 Colonies, but every grassroots’ COS has their own unique problems and concerns. But as long as we are uniform from one county to another it will be easier to join forces with other counties to defeat a common threat when deemed necessary by each County COS. NLA is a National Organization whose only purpose is to assist the Grassroots to develop a necessary COS in order to preserve and defend our Republic. NLA's policy is a "Hands off policy" in order to encourage a "Free and Independent" grassroots COS. Any interference from a National or State Organization threatens their independence. NLA will always be available to facilitate an education, organization assistance, assist in finding answers and solutions when requested, share these answers and solutions with other COS’s, provide communications between the counties, provide educational information, and certify “Jury Administrators. NLA will never interfere with COS’s business.


The purpose of the Committee of Safety is to promote and organize the following powers in their counties in order to prevent government encroachment. The common goal of each county is to teach the People, what they have forgotten, “Government by Consent”! This requires an understanding of how a “Natural Law Republic” was established by the providence of nature’s God and how it works.The COS was the process that our founding fathers used to organize the grassroots in the Thirteen Colonies thereby creating a coalition that founded this Nation. We must do the same by establising and supporting the following: Therefore, NLA is resurrecting the COS to save our Republic thereby returning to government by consent via education and taking control of the two reins of government namely the Judicial and Political power structures that control our government.

JUDICIAL - The COS must support the development of a "Common Law Jury Administration" in their county to take back our courts that was meant to be controlled by the People. History proves that we cannot continue to allow our servants to control our Jurys and our courts we must sever the power the ABA has over our courts. American courts operated for our first 130 years without them, we must destroy the ABA coalition that has destroyed our Nation. The "Common Law Jury Administration" will restore the Law of the Land, Common Law Courts, Common Law Jurys and the Rules of Common Law in our Courts of Law and Courts of Equity, thereby taking back control of our judicial process.

POLITICAL - The COS must encourage and restore the "COS County Committeemen" in their counties who will be able to end political parties, fill political vacancies with statesmen and support the Republic Review, thereby taking back control of our political process. NLA is instructing People on how to become an committeeman see, COS County Committeeman Handbook HERE.

MILITIA & SHERIFF - The COS must restore the Unorganized County Militia and Constitutional Sheriffs in their counties. NLA is working with a group of Sheriffs who are organizing a coalition of Sheriffs across America and encouraging them to have a proper education. We are also training the COS on how to organize a County Militia see, Militia Codes, Rules, and Resolutions HERE.

EDUCATION - The COS must be properly educated and encourage the People in their communities to do the same. As Jefferson said, “If a People expect to be Ignorant and Free they expect what never was and never will be. The COS must work to bring that proper education back into our schools.

CLICK HERE For a Committee of Safety Step by Step Organizing Handbook

Please support our endeavor, help keep NLA on the web,
Donate $5.00 or more a month, and become a Premier Member, Thank you.


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We form our grand jury's to up hold the comman law of people & to show that no matter what a person May think there is no of any race, creed, or religious beliefs. That no one is above the law of our nation of a republic 

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just want say hello i'am a new member  hello my name is BRUCE MORRIS,hello every body.

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Lawful Money is Equitable Title to Labor-Credit Asset
This explanation is proposing a much-needed paradigm shift in our mind regarding the bills we receive in the mail from corporations, including the United States Corporation, and what lawful money is.
If everything commercial is a Trust since 1933 because lawful money was taken out of circulation, then a "Bill" cannot be a Bill. They cannot be charging anyone for anything since they know we have no money to pay for anything. Checks and all liability currency are promises to pay, and essentially are a dishonor because payment is delayed. However, in commerce, this MIS-TAKE can be forgiven.
So, then what is a "Bill"? Logically, it must be a request for us to authorize the release of assets held in trust by the Trustee as the payment (asset/credit - liability/debit = 0). This "payment by EQUITABLE TITLE TRANSFER" results in the extinguishment of debt! Notice that the amount on the bill is a positive number - a CREDIT. It does not have parentheses around it, or a minus sign in front of it, which commonly indicates a negative number.
This positive number represents an asset that will offset a liability held by the corporation for a commercial transaction. They just need our authorization (indorsement on the back of the bill) to get ownership of that asset amount so that they can then apply it to discharge the liability on their books for that same amount. We have the equitable title to that amount. When we write "lawful money is demanded for all transactions 12 USC 411" on the FRONT of a Bill, and then indorse the back of a Bill, then the legal and equitable titles to the asset (credit) are now vested in that one piece of paper, and when that indorsed instrument is returned to the party that sent it, then that party is now the Holder in due course of the legal and equitable titles to both the asset and liability amounts for that account and must then EXTINGUISH the debt by operation of law.
hold legal title to all assets since 1933 and are Trustees, or agents thereof, per the purpose and intent of the HJR 192, June 5, 1933 TRUST, codified in 31 USC 5118). The only thing they are missing is the
The Corporation is already holding both legal and equitable titles to the Liability. They are also holding the legal title to the Asset as implied by them sending you the Bill (the US Corp and all their sub-corps Equitable title to the Asset so that they can finally do the discharge to balance the books and extinguish the debt. They have the charge (DEBIT/DEBT) amount - they just need the discharge (CREDIT/ASSET) amount to balance the books to zero. Having both of the titles for the asset/credit amount now allows them to use that asset/credit amount to perform their duty as Trustee to extinguish (discharge) the Liability/Debit (debt) amount by operation of law - the trust laws that are invoked when the legal and equitable titles are merged.
So The Bill is NOT a BILL - it is an asset credit voucher containing the labor/asset/credit amount
(that is as good as gold and silver as real Substance as lawful money) that we must release to the Trustee (or agent thereof) by indorsing the Back of the Bill and writing "lawful money is demanded for all transactions 12 USC 411" on the Front of the Bill, and returning it. This is the duty that We, the Beneficiaries (or agents thereof), have been failing to perform.
In this scenario, Lawful Money is Equitable Title to the people's Labor-Credit asset value held in trust by the United States Treasury since April 5, 1933. And PAYMENT is EQUITABLE TITLE TRANSFER.

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Desire to discuss and practice all the truths put forth here. Anyone in my area, 64079?

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greetings from northern california!!

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Will be completing the Government by Consent Course tomorrow. Ready to organize here in "smalltown USA," where the judicial system and DCS blatantly disregard the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th amendments consistently. C'mon people, I am passionate about exposing the corruption and complete denial of civil rights. I am organizing others who have had no counsel, unfair treatment, and a "rubber stamping" of fraudulent and perjurious filings by DCS. Also, ineffective assistance of counsel is out of control. It is plea bargain, plea bargain, etc.. etc. Whether your case is winnable or not. NO money, NO defense. Period.

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I would like to meet with other members in Hillsborough County. Let's be prepared for when the swamp drains.

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Carrey, What is your phone number?  John Crookston

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I am a recent member, joining about 3 months ago.  I have finished the Govern by consent course and also the civics course.  I am ready to move to the next level(s), and would like to invite anyone that is a member in Kalamazoo county to contact me.  It is time to light a fire beneath some bottoms in this county and get their attention.  I want to be a committeeman, and we need to organize a grand jury.  There is a lot of corruption here as is true pretty much everywhere, but the time to start is now.... or maybe last week .  come one, come all.  John Crookston  269-806- 1266

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Hi John, It's Charlie.  Thanks for reaching out to get the County organized.  I will let you know from your email what my level of participation will be.  So many things happening right now. Stay Safe.

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Hey John
Carey in Bay County

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Hey John
Carey in Bay County

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I cannot overstate the importance of learning the "Republic Review" process, then arming yourself with it and bringing the information into discussions. Remember that we learn most effectively, by demonstrating to others what we've learned.
The alternative end-game scenario looks something like this:
Patriots stand armed, face to face with LE (agents of bureaucrats), demanding that LE, stand down for the purpose of Patriots, physically removing politicians from government property. LE can either comply or shots ring out. Eventually they will run out of LE personnel, and the Patriots will prevail by the numbers. It is unlikely the politicians will survive. 
Learn the Republic Review process! It is the only peaceful solution.