Courtroom Observer Protocols

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Courtroom Observer Protocols

The importance of Courtrom Observers cannot be Overstated, because it provides a mutual defense pact with your friends, family and neighbors.  An assault upon one is an assault upon all.  Be a cohesive unit that can appear for any matter in the courts; no case is too small. You will be able to document the corruption and criminality within your local courts. The courthouse lobby and parking lot are the best places to recruit new National Liberty Alliance members, so always remember that the courthouse is your friend. Here are some suggested protocols:

  1. Never disrupt proceedings, your recourse will come later.

  2. Be neat and professional. Wear a button-down shirt with a tie, or other similar dress clothes. This removes the tactic of separation that attorneys use when wearing formal clothes.

  3. Wear around your neck a medial-style Id with your photo in the center, National Liberty Alliance .org across the top and Courtroom Observer across the bottom. Print shops like Staples will scan your Id or license photo and laminate in plastic for $10.00.

  4. Carry a 9"x12" notebook and a pen and take notes of everything our see and hear, since even the small things matter. Many court records are altered, so your notes are very important.

  5. Film everything and have multiple cameras at the ready. The most important events happen when you least expect. Carry a handycam, wear a conventional camera around your neck and have a cell phone camera for backup. The lobby and outside the courthouse are wide open for filming. Should you encounter resistance to filming inside the courtroom, you may cite the following case precedents:

    1. Fordyce v. City of Seattle (9th Circuit Court, 1995: "The First Amendment protects the right to film matters of public interest").

    2. Smith v. City of Cumming (11th Circuit Court, 2000: "The First Amendment protects the right to gather information about what public officials do on public property and specifically a right to record matters of public interest").

  6. Have business cards and flyers briefly explaining what the NLA does, to hand out to people around the courthouse. Do this in the parking lot and the lobby but not in the courtroom itself or in front of any doorways.

  7. Smile and be friendly while still remaining firm in your resolve.

  8. Beginning your mission with a prayer is helpful, remember the foundation of this Nation.

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Brad. This is Bob H. in Fl. Do we in Charlotte co. have courtroom Observers? I love the Idea but It would be too hard for me for I live over 30 miles away from the courtrooms. I would however contact with them if we have any and if we do not I will do what I can to find some.'s picture

The Court Watching Form
Please contact me for the court watching form at
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My name is PJ Stewart I am The Court Watcher is my email.
My cell phone is 808-782-2561
I live in Hawaii, 11am Hawaiian time till 8pm Hawaiian time.

Keep it simple is all I ask..

1. am I a public servant?
2. Is there a jury present?
3. What public servant am I being called forth to impeach today?
4. Are you practicing law from the bench?
5. You are impeached for the high misdemeanor for practicing law from the bench.'s picture

This training class will be on Wednesday, August 5, 2015 @ 9:00 p.m. EST.
Our presenter will be Lady PJ Stewart, who has had much success in this area. She has a web site at that I think you will find very interesting.

The call in number is (712) 775- 7035 and the access code will be 955991#. The presentation will start promptly at 9:00 p.m. so it would be a good idea to call in a little early. I will have the site open at 8:30 p.m. for those who wish to register early.'s picture

WE JUST HAD A WIN in Connecticut. August 3, 2015 (My first one with a member of NLA)
I had been working with Crystal since Sat. Night, she's not into computers so I just had her print the 3 pink slips.

Liberty Now
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Thanks for posting this, PJ. I tried to make use of your pink slips on your website but the type was too tiny to make use of. I remade the three of these on my Mac to fit on one page; I think they're pretty true to what you had on your site. I'm looking forward to Wednesday night's call.'s picture
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Looking 4ward to "continuance hearing" 8/11/15 3:30pm pst re: Unlawful Detainer UD (ie steal people's house/land "legally"); My claim against attys, CMI CEO, & process server w/ $5K Trespass charges against them b4 the COURT from my court of record. Really wish to shut down entire unlawful process for all of my state, as precedent for country. Already have related claim in higher USDC "judge" tried 2 "dismiss"; filed Writ(s) of Error & still proceeding. PLanning 2 be on call late due 2 previous appt. Will a recording be available 4 portion i miss?'s picture

Keep it simple is all I ask..
1. am I a public servant?
2. Is there a jury present?
3. What public servant am I being called forth to impeach today?
4. Are you practicing law from the bench?
5. You are impeached for the high misdemeanor for practicing law from the bench.

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People's Paralegal Association
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