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  1. I vow to insure that all public servants uphold our Founding Documents; and to carry out all of my deliberating under Natural Law; principled under Justice, Honor, and Mercy; And to strictly adhere to the following two legal maxims: (1) Every right when with-held must have a remedy, and every injury it's proper redress, and (2) in the absence of a victim, there can be no crime "corpus delecti." The State cannot be the victim.

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On Monday I have a court case about a traffic 'violation'. I checked the ticket today and later I read in the court procedures (government issued) about the summons.
The summons has to have a few standards which are interesting.
That the summons has to be signed by the Clerk and needs a seal of the court. My ticket has none. Beside the Police officer signed as 'law enforcement officer' (she probably didnt know that she doesnt enforce the law.)
The plaintiff is the state of Ohio, as the state cant be the victim (they truly havent been the victim of my traffic 'violation'), that should be an easy one.
I currently look for the quote '....the state cant be the victim....' as I want to use it to get the case dismissed. I read it here but while checking everything and searching the internet, I cant find it. If anyone can direct me to it, I would be grateful.

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Don't get lost in the details. Challenge jurisdiction!  One paper titled Ex  Parte". File it with clerk and leave.  You have no other duty to perform.  Make no further comment.  You have no legal or lawful duty to respond to that court again.  If it continues to proceed to attempt a prosecution of you----take the matter into federal court with a brief paper titled "Notice of Removal for Cause" .  State the lower court case number and list the fact the lower court proceeded without proving in writing its jurisdictional authority.  30 days after you challenged jurisdiction -file a notice of default  also with "Ex Parte".  After those remain silent .  Therein join the gathering numbers of Americans who no longer consent to the corrupt corporate government monopoly .

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There is a Common Law principle which states that for there to be a crime, there must first be a victim, corpus delecti.  In the absence of a victim, there can be no crime. The State cannot be the victim.
Follow all the videos until you find Traffic Violation: How To Stop A Cop Arraignment - WIN - must not enter a plea; Do you understand the charges against you? "No, your Honor, I don’t. I do not understand I need to have some questions answered; I do not understand the nature and cause of the charges.

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"No , i do not understand the charges" , was my reply to a judge.  Two weeks later all charges were dismissed at trial . A trial-a color of law trial i had no duty to attend.   I did not appear.  There is much case law regarding the fact that null and void actions by judges , prosecutors using color of law - that you "have no duty to respond" - thus the statement " i do not understand the charges" is legally correct.  If you appear at such color of law trial - the defacto court can say you accepted jurisdiction .  The fraudulent governments success is entirely based on your co-operation and thus "your consent".  If you have not been detained or arraigned file only one response titled "Ex Parte" and state you do not understand the charges, that the court "lacks jurisdiction- and must first prove jurisdiction in writing before it can proceed".  If the court proceeds without proving jurisdiction it is engaging in lawless violence , fraud on and in the court , violating your right to "due process" and if that occurs you may then "remove for cause" the action to Federal Court.  Properly written the federal court is required to retitled the action " null vs. your name.  "  Thus the federal court is recognizing the lower courts action was null and void from the beginning.  Comments from what actually occurred  in my hands on experience or should i say my handcuffed and shackled experience before lawless violent judges, prosecutors and public defenders who aid the court and never you.

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Have you looked up videos by Karl Lentz- on you tube?

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I have spoken to him, he has a filthy mouth.  He doesn't believe in the constitution.
Please don't waste your time with his videos.

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Hi, my name is Julie.  I read your post here about wanting a list of conditional acceptances, and I may be able to provide you a couple of good ones, however, in this case, as I see you are going through it now for about a year already, I suggest something different.  I suggest you CHALLENGE JURISDICTION.  Jurisdiction can be challenged at ANY TIME and once challenged must BE PROVEN ON THE RECORD before anything can proceed.....now here is the best part, i think, because i have done the research on this and have found that these courts COULD NEVER PROVE JURISDICTION IN A MILLION YEARS....why?  Because THEY ARE NOT A COURT OF ANY LAW THEY ARE A COURT OF PRIVATE CORPORATE CODES, NOT LAWS, AND ARE NOT A COURT AT ALL IN FACT THEY ARE A PRIVATE CORPORATION REGISTERED AS A BUSINESS.  What does the Supreme Court say about government when it becomes a corporation?  They ruled that it ceases to be government and has NO JURISDICTION whatsoever from that point on.  So, how do you prove it is a private corporation?  EASY!!!!   Get the court's general phone number and head over to a website called dun and bradstreet.  This is a website FOR BUSINESSES TO GET BUSINESS CREDIT AND IS ALL ABOUT BUSINESS.   Do a search for a DUNNS Number and search by phone number....enter that phone number and Wha La!! You will see the name of the BUSINESS that this court is operating as!!!  You will have to enter your name and email into that screen on the website to request their DUNNS NUMBER , so do that and you will have it instantly in your email inbox.  PRINT OFF THE DUNNS NUMBER FROM YOUR EMAIL AND USE IT AS EXHBIIT A in your private civil suit against them, if you choose to sue them, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE DOES IN ORDER TO MAKE THIS CRAP STOP WE HAVE TO INVOKE ACTION AGAINST THEM, NO MERELY WALK AWAY FROM OUR OWN TROUBLED CASES.....WE MUST MAKE NEW CASES AGAINST THEM FOR THEIR CRIMES.  Anyway, i am getting ahead of myself, so you challenge jurisdiciton and NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY YOU REBUT WITH "THERE IS NO WAY YOU HAVE ANY JURISDICTION OVER I, A MAN (OR I A WOMAN) BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT EVEN A GOVERNMENT AGENCY YOU ARE IN FACT A CORPORATION DOING BUSINESS AS (THE COURT OF ______ ) (read whatever the Dun and Bradstreet printoff states as their business name) and You are registered as such a business with a Dunn and Badstreet Business Registry Number of ___________ (read their number) and then state I refuse to contract with your corporation under any terms or benefits and am declaring this case a fraud and dismissed with prejudice!  Then turn and walk out, if you are not in chains, and don't look back....then initiate a lawsuit against them immediately in CIVIL COURT.   I have many tips on how to do this effectively, if you are interested you can find me at my group on facebook, The United States of AWAREica,  I am an AWAREican.  Request entrance into the group and look up Winning Strategies among other things, I am there to help as best I can.  Blessingsn upon you and God Speed!

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Going to Help,... a Jurisdictional Challenge will. Follow the process and don't wait any longer. then you'll go back to sleep at night. Filing and fighting in their sandbox will only bring you heartache.

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Wisconsin is voting on an Art. V convention which will give Congress the ability to completely destroy the Constitution we now have. They only need 6 more states. Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are all for it. James Madison questioned who would pick the delegates (Congress) and how would it be formed? Call Wisconsin congressmen for them to vote against it to protect our Constitution

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En_Alien able Rights.
The Constitution was drawn up for the Government
InWhich does not mean People.
 Think , Tyranny and Treason to even create a Vote.
 If You have been injured , You Must File a Claim against the Enemy.
You can not filed a Claim based on Hear_Say.
 Do Yourself a Favor.
Get your Press ID.
Get Your Business Cards.
 Defend the Image in the Mirror.
 Reveal Your Information to Nobody.
Not Even the Postal Delivery Personnel in Your Local Area.
And Remember : Loose Lips sink tight ship's.
Since You're a Member
 What You decide to Declare in a Party of 25 Domicile People can Remove any/All Government agencies from their Position in any/all Office's without Prior Notice.
 Any Questions ??

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I need to make sure my claim is corrcet in proceedure, if you could give me a couple pointers, i would be eternaly greatfull. rarakorn@gmail.com 

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Opression by government officials have done maximum damage to property and chattles. Joinder is required immediately. Help getting the funds will have to be by raising money for National liberty alliance .Please send info on how much can help send letters out and get others involved. Any help to fast tract within one week . chooka142@gmail.com
God bless and keep U.S.  thank you
J.C. son of the most high God

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I need the Joinder please help.

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Thanks for the referral to the Bill Thornton video. I actually am a very big fan of his and was familiar with his work. I only disagree with his strategy of using the fake court´s physical facility, even though We the People are paying for it. Of course every time I listen I get something else out of it. Anybody out there in Ohio willing to help me form kind of a standing common law court? It would mostly be to rubber stamp proposed judgments many of us are now getting through Notices of Liability and Default, but it could branch into being a trial court too, I would think, with rights to a petit jury.  Katherine 614-633-0215 or kshine@wljaradio.net.
Now I´m searching for a common law sheriff in Ohio. According to Judge Anna: There are 3100 County Sheriffs and only about 500 of them belong to the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. What I want to do is put in my Notices that enforcement of any subsequent tacitly agreed to judgment could be enforced by sheriff X of some county or other in Ohio. But first I have to find out if there are any constitutional sheriffs IN Ohio, as indicated by membership in the CSPOA. I have some emails in. The 500 who are members seem to be running scared, for good reason. Anyone have any tips?

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I am having some success in small claims court. I have bundled my state and federal cases up into seperate express trusts with registered mail numbers and ucc amendments to my financing statement in which all collateral is assigned to my private foundation. My revocable trust is property of the private 508(c)(1)(a) foundation and I got a protective order for all of my contracts and documents and I can move for in camera review. THAT IS WHERE OUR COMMON LAW COURT IS!!! If they dont give you in camera review it is a due process disaster for them. In camera/chambers, the JUDGE does not exist. In prvate, no public official can exist.
In Camera
In chambers; in private. A judicial proceeding is said to be heard in camera either when the hearing is had before the judge in his or her private chambers or when all spectators are excluded from the courtroom.
West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
in camera
adj. or adv. phrase. Latin for "in chambers." This refers to a hearing or discussions with the judge in the privacy of his chambers (office rooms) or when spectators and jurors have been excluded from the court room. (See: in chambers)
Copyright © 1981-2005 by Gerald N. Hill and Kathleen T. Hill. All Right reserved.
in camera
noun confidential, confidentially, in annechambers, in chambers, in judge's chamber, in judicial chamber, in private, in secrecy, out of public view
Burton's Legal Thesaurus, 4E. Copyright © 2007 by William C. Burton. Used with permission of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
in camera
‘in chambers’, a most perplexing phrase for litigants who suspect they maybe about to be photographed. Actually it indicates that the case, or the rest of the case, is to be heard in the judge's private chambers - excluding the public.
Collins Dictionary of Law © W.J. Stewart, 2006
Gotta run and get this other small claims petition in against a cop who caused false information to appear on a court record. BATTLESHIP-SuNK!!! Securing execution of a document by deception. whamm-o! He cannot un-ring that bell.

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Where can I find HELP to file a Claim against Family Law & CPS at a County-State & Federal Level?? Can I file in all 3 or only 1?? I have a Solid case Documentation & all. Looking for Guidance & Justice for my Family.
I need a Civil Law Attorney who will Fight for Justice & Not sure how to find someone to HELP me get this moving forward. I have contacted many Law Firms & NOT ONE has Even Cared to learn the Facts of my cases. As soon as I say Gvmt i.e. Family Law-CPS they run the other way.
 My # 530-263-1141

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Most of what Anna Von Reitz "teaches" is nonsense she has no understanding of Common Law and perpetuates a lot of provably false patriot myths

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after a series of 13  public pretenders i started getting a clue. i have a serious delima.  dui while traveling on a suspended. The  tooper agreed to 1000$ per hour upon detainment which he accepted. i am standing on the land with anna's status change paperwork.  i was on the record for the first time as a living man on my felony dui charge only to have and evaluation hearing a week befor my trial.  here is my delima.  i have a misdemenor trial the day befor my competancy hearing which i didnt agree to or even have a chance to speak. the head public defender set the date. they say they were appointed.  i sent her an email asking her to show me the contract that they could represent me in my violations conditions of release charge.  i have been looking at the option of an Notice interlocutory appeal but dont have a clue on how to execute one.  I need witnesses and reporters willing and able.  i have lots of chaga. the most medicinal mushroom on the planet. and cash  please help. 

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you can fire appointed counsel any time you want. send them a notice informing the court and public defender that they are fired

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You are a ward of the State until you take control of the assets in your minor account. Attorney is guardian ad litum. Statutes of limitations do not toll while you are under minor's disabilities. Treasury directive hearing, correct irs IMF, notify DTCC, gitter done!!!

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did the house sell at auction yet? are you in 6 month redemption period?

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DHR came in to .t daughter apt refuse to leave refused me right to counsel. Demanded drug test and me to sign form giving consent I refused. She officer ask demand I drive pick up their witness at store drive him across town which I did. If had been under influence of drugs why demand I get behi d the wheel of motor vehicle and operate it . would that not endanger public safety if as they say I was under influence. Should they not arrest me instead of sending me to drive. Need help please somebody help me here in Cullman Alabama. My number is 256 297 5898. 

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Please address your inquiry to questions@nationallibertyalliance.org for the Monday Night Weekly Call in advance. Or, if you prefer to call-in and wait in the queue, you may do so prior to 9 pm—just click on the Weely Call tab

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For those with analytical skills looks at federal lawsuit now 6 years old and going nowhere in the justice system.  Gerald Klein vs TdAmeritrade.  A lawsuit where the company owned by a family named Ricketts is being sued for deceptive fraud and failed fiduciary duty in representing its clients best interest financially and in so doing has been paid hundreds of millions by third parties for such activity.  The Ricketts own the Chicago Cubs, one family member is Governor of Nebraska and another family member was picked by trump to be deputy commerce secretary. Instead that member is now head of the republican national fundraising committee to elect candidates like trump.  Reading the case history you see the latest versions of federal judges written explanations "in the most skilled words of subversion" as to how a judge eliminates most of the charges and issues of the merits of the suit long before a jury will ever-that is never see or hear the facts.  The lawsuit is really about mom and pop Americans being ripped off of their life savings invested in the stock market (no other place to invest ones life savings after bush and company destroyed interest rates in any savings account in a devious plan to cause everyone to look to stocks-that is anyone interested in earning more than 1/10th of 1% interest per year.) and were/still are being charged a rigged price for all stock prices.   Only of you have a Constitutional and Common Law education do u see thru the slicker and trickery words of federal judges in Nebraska where this suit is filed.  Federal courts and well paid career criminal judges as in this case avoid the injuries pleaded and merits of the matters requiring justice be found and served upon the criminals.  The cabal above has again set into place and action the old England style of government where as John Kennedy stated that when peaceful justice and redress of government fails to bring about Liberty and Justice for All there is only one inevitability and course of action.  Thomas Jefferson said it best "The Tree of Liberty must be watered with blood every 15 to 20 years".  Common people in Russia in the 40,000 man demonstration Saturday are obviously aware of corrupt government and evidencing nothing has really improved under Putin and company.  Leading to the question has anything really changed in America.  We are all spoon fed daily reports of changes to come by people well connected to keeping the status quo .

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gosh, just getting info ...thanks.  description of Nebrasks.. mattered I'm in Kansas.. gee are we in a fight for our lives here, ..I think.  and  has been full social spectrum cover up/silence and solitary for the person ..targeted etc..  everyone says they know everything and they keep on doing the will of what seems to me subversives and slavers..all across the board.. family ..churches teachers law all kinds et al..  ..I didn't know about the Russian demonstration will loook it up..look at Hong Kong and they fly the flag, sing our anthem,  and I'm sorry to say the flag symbolizes something that seems gone and no one's lookin'...

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NLA does a thorough job of presenting Inalienable and Constitutional Rights on a regular basis but defeats its purpose with an all too often pep talk about what a great job the president is doing.  Read wwwlittlesis.org and take a reality check.

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Zion Don is a Zionist puppet not the great white savior. 

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1 OF 2 CRIMINAL AND CIVIL RECORDS{MONTANA,TENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT,FERGUS COUNTY}FOREIGN INSTITUTIONS OPERATING UNDER THE COLOR OF LAW- NONE AMERICANBREECH OF Constitutional contract between the people and the governmentDwane Eugene Kirkland/UCC 1-207/1-308public over-watch/11brv infantrySelf claimed Constitutional officer/evidence collector/1-10 bill of rights advocate/officerkirkland@icloud.comprovisions@mail.com406-369-0482Plaintiff,Claimed BeneficiaryDavid Kendall WhiteU.C.C. 1-2071-308 w/o prejudiceth901 4 ave SLewistown Mt 5945701:02:38 PM 07/31/19CASE # TK- 625-19-284BILL OF ATTAINDERBILL OF PAINARTICLE 1,SECTION 9,10.DIMINISHING RIGHTSTITLE 41 US/ CRIMINAL CODETITLE 18 US 241 242/ CRIMINAL CODE*****Defendant’s,INSTITUTION REPRESENTATIVE THE,STATE OF MT, CORPORATIONFOR THE COUNTY OF FERGUSJUDGE,JON A. OLDENBURG – ARTICLE 6 PARAGRAPH 2_______________________________________________ARRESTING OFFICER,_____________________________ATTORNEY,__________________________ FERGUSALL SUPPORTING ELEMENTS INSTITUTIONSATTORNEY, LANCE LUNDVALL PROSECUTOR MUSSELSHELLFERGUS COUNTY ADDRESS,________________________________{REQUEST MOTION TO DISMISS}To who it may Concern, even though David Kendall White did not understandhis rights,even though IN THE MINUTE HEARING completed the plea with outunderstanding-OR THE PLEA PUT IN BY THE JUDGE WITHOUT THE PLAINTIFF’S CONSENT.The plaintiff now request under the protection of the Constitution's ofthe sister states of THE STATE OF MONTANA, and of the supremacy clause of theUnited States of America in harmony -TO CONSTRUE ALL CODES REGULATIONSUNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTS TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE United states of America. Theplaintiff does not consent to any unknown contract regarding commerce orallegations.2 OF 2 CRIMINAL AND CIVIL RECORDS{PRAYER FOR RELIEF}Due to the facts of no victim or property damage this private personrequest for a dismissal under common law jurisdiction- To ask THE prosecutingattorney to prove jurisdiction ? In question To shift the burden of proof to thedefendants. To prove a actual crime elements of a crime and willful intent,thatthere is none.To have the victim to come forward with a affidavit of a actual crimecommitted. Plaintiff does not further want to obstruct the case loads on theDocket. Or shall tie up due to the facts of jurisdiction in question or to thelisted violations of his Constitutional rights and the VIOLATIONS OF PROVISIONS ofthe officers involved who are to know the law.Signature of claimed beneficiary,____________________________________________Third party Over-watch, spc/Kirkland/ Hamilton Mt – SISTER STATES IN HARMONY-Assisting-406-369-0482 officerkirkland@icloud.com /civil records class/A# 11BRV/INF/INGODWETRUST/

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NEED HELP!  I’ve been sued by my divorce attorney for 12,000. 
We only agreed on 6,000 which I paid in full. Our agreement was for him just to show up to court and that’s it. Everything else was done for him, he agreed and of course I believed him. 
After I won in court over frivolous nonsense by my ex-husband I received a bill for 12,000. I ask him what was this for and of course he just sent me a bill with hours he spent on the case. 
 ask him to break it down because I couldn’t believe I wou have to pay 12,000  after paying 6,000 just for showing up 3times to court. i refuse to pay until he shows me what I’m paying for so now I’m being sued by a debt collector attorney. 
I was forced to fill out a FACT INFORMATION Sheet and when he couldn’t find any money he file a contempt of coyet and I was sanctioned for another 1,500. He said, I provided false information on where I lived, even though I address was on everything he had and the judge believed him. 
I had to redo it and now because I will not agree to a payment plan now he filed a FRAUD Upon the court stating I gave false information to where I work, even though I provided Evidence. 
He send me an email stating he woupdate drop it if I agree to a post judgement payment plaN. Please help!
im innocent 

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Sue that Attorney who does nothing but fraud.  You must due with small claims at your local court. Its easy and demand his bond.

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Recently the moderator requested people attend the call live-more are reviewing the recorded call.  Would help if you posted the live call in number and access code.  I will help now by posting the recorded call number and code. 514-604-9682. Access code 339449 and after prompt # again. Moderator for this call is Gary Will assisted by Rob Flick.

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Recently the moderator requested people attend the call live-more are reviewing the recorded call.  Would help if you posted the live call in number and access code.  I will help now by posting the recorded call number and code. 514-604-9682. Access code 339449 and after prompt # again. Moderator for this call is Gary Will assisted by Ron Flick.

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Apparently the leaders say they want more attendance to live call on Wednesday but can't find the means to actually list the phone number and access code.  This member would have commented to Larry the guest attorney "regarding the origins of police powers" and "expert testimony". Police powers is none other than the standing army banned in the Constitution .  expert testimony is only as accurate as the bought and paid for opinion of the day.  Pop quiz of the day! What founding father of our Constitution stated "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time , with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  He was the 3rd president of the United States - unincorporated.  Larry the lawyer pointed out "police powers" are used to take away whatever right the European powers desire to seize - calling the action legal "for the good of the community" and enforcing such with hired mercenary soldiers called police. How many policemen actually know they work for foreign powers .

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do you get an email stating live call number and code? I get one every week with specific information about the call.

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i need remedy from different venues of previous foreclosures and child support overpayment! call me please 678-231-2267

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Without my knowledge or consent, after 14 years paying my mortgage on time without any problems, the bank sold my house because they said that they didn't receive the monthly pay since April 2018 while my second mortgage was paid on time without problems and both mortgages were using the same system "direct deposit from my bank account" and always I had money in my bank account to pay both mortgages. I can't believe how the first mortgage worked well and the 2nd one didn't if they are using the same system to take the money to comply with the payments , I knew that my house was sold exactly the day that they sold it because a neighborg told me, I am working out of the sates and sometimes overseas, that was the reason that I didn't know absolublety nothing. To me, it was completely devastating because we're talking about the home in which my kids grew up, where my wife, children and I shared special and irreplaceable times end experiences, the place where any of us would go to if we were having a bad day and feel better. It wasn't just a house that we owned, it was a part of us, a safe haven. It was out home. The dream that I had for so many years to have a home like that one for us where we would feel happy and at peace was cut by the bank. According with the previous lawyer's investigations (who now has sadly passed away), He found that the bank has been engaged in wrongful activities and malicious actions against the customers at the bank and they proceeded with a wrongful foreclosure in compliance with the court system and Sheriff. We The People supposedly believe that they have to comply with the Law Of the Land that is The Constitution but they didn't. They simply do not care what the Law says because they believe that they are above it. My question is, how is possible that they take the money (my own hard earned money!) that I paid throughout 14 years without any compensation given back of me? And also take my home and leave with no place to live? They are not acting with justice or liberty. The actions committed by these people are unlawful and completely against the justice system and We The People. Sadly, like I had mentioned earlier, the lawyer that I hired sadly and unfortunately passed away and since his death was very sudden to us, we didn't get much of a heads up and my family and I have only 35 days to resolve this situation. The good news is that I have the files that the lawyer's office gave me. I would really deeply and immensely appreciate any help from anyone that can guide me in this nightmare that is taking my health and my life away. In anticipation I want to express my gratitude for any help that I can get. If in any case, I recieve the help that I need to resolve this case, whether it being getting back my house or the money that I paid the bank for 14 years, I will donate a generous amount of money to this cause. Thank you.

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I suggest when having a problem with a BAR attorney- refer to the "Original" and "hidden 13th Amendment" .  Application of the hidden 13th along with the 7th Amendment ( right to a Common Law Court) is as strong an offense as any when asserting your rights.  Understand the hidden 13th amendment was  created while Jefferson and Madison were alive - and prevented BAR Attorneys -many now judges, from holding offices in these United States.  Essentially all BAR Attorneys and most judges have zero constitutional authority-all there decisions are "null and void" - "ab initio" and are only enforced by police powers which is essentially a "standing army" - also unconstitutional-but in operation longer than anyone alive.  You were born into a nationwide subversion and hijacking of the American founded tradition of "Life, Liberty, and Pursuits of Happiness-I.e. Property.  

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Emergency removal of my kids, no order/warrant, no immenient danger or risk thereof. My kids neglected educationally, physically, psychologically, and nutritionally, while in CPS custody. I have documentation and other evidence to support my claims. No legal counsel for shelter hearing and no reasonable time to seek legal counsel, though I filled out a form for court appointed attorney, no legal counsel was provided during shelter hearing as told there would be, by CPS investigator the night before. I mentioned this to court clerk when I turned in form for such attorney. No papers given to me until after shellter hearing, so how could I prepare anything? I was still in shock that my kids were taken and didn't understand why. I hired an attorney two days later (minus weekened). This attorney was ineffective counsel. He failed to get a rehearing for shelter hearing though he said he would. He also falied to contest, failed to object to magistrate's order for CPS temp custody, and tried to get me to agree to a plea agreement. He also failed to produce my evidence as well as son's medical documentation and evaluation that school used the year prior that school used to accept my son as IEP eligible. He told me the day before adjudication that I as well as others would testify. However, only CPS testified and suddenly, without hearing my testimony and evidence, court had to be continued due to judge's schedule/court time. Disposition was to be held same time as adjudication hearing, but was continued for more than 30 days afterwards! I suddenly was told by CPS there are several court orders (I thought adjudication was continued, as no one but CPS had yet testified and my evidence was not presented by my atty!). I had to go to the court house to see what was going on. I asked for any court orders that may have been done. I found  adjudication order: dependent children, date stamped a week after adjud. hearing. However, there were no other orders as CPS lied to me. I immediately went to attorney's office. He claims he's never seen the dependency order before and suddenly tells me "we" agreed to dependency (court dropped neglect  but I assume it was due to lack of evidence). I said, in no way did I stipulate! I also told him, after he had a pre hearing conference and presented me with prosecuter's offer to drop neglect if I'd agree to dependency, I decline that offer and I will not agree to anything! I do not understand what happened in court. I've been denied my right to Due Process and to have my voice heard and my evidence submitted before the judge! My children are being harmed and I will not stay quiet. I've submitted voluntary drug screens, private and by CPS, both negative. I've been in counseling for months to handle this injustice and separation from my children. I voluntarily submitted to private psych evaluation, to which results show no signs of mental defect. I WANT THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR LIVES AND MY CHILDREN RETURNED HOME IMMEDIATELY! My kids have been in CPS custody for over 90 days!! My son lost his IEP due to CPS and public school not complying with the Federal and State laws. My kids received failing grades after placed in public schools for 2 months (end of school yr). There is a FREE program after school provided by this school, yet my kids were not offered this. CPS failed to ensure my kids needs were met. They looked homeless and unbathed for months. My kids said they didn't have basic care supplies! I supplied a care package for them, but it sat in CPS office for 2 weeks! My special needs child said he didn't even have a comb. There's so much more wrong with this that I've not shared. Where is justice??? My kids have never been neglected while in my care and full custody. I fired that ineffective legal counsel. I'm now without any legal counsel and no justice, while my kids sit in foster care and one day a week supervised vistiation at CPS office. This is unconstitutional!!! 

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Sorry your children were kidnapped. ;Your attorney , obviously a member of the British BAR is only interested in money.  He lied to you long enough to get paid.  The expression " only a fool would represent himself" shall be rewritten in the 21st Century to "Only a fool would hire a BAR Lawyer to represent himself".  The degree to which corruption, lying , cheating, stealing, by professionals continues at all time highs

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I was living with my fiance in Beaver Dam Az.  We recently split,  however,  while the house belongs to him, and,  the property to his mother,  the contents of the home are ninety percent or more mine. Further he  owes me several thousand dollars.  So , even though we had split up, it was agreed that I would be allowed to stay at the house until he had repaid me a total of $2800, returned my items to the storage unit we had moved them out of , and fixed my motor home,  he had left the lights and such on, and unplugged and broke it down. And for 30 days thereafter. He got back together with his ex, and she began harassing me. So I went filed an order against harassment. The 2 of them followed me to the court house, and requested protection orders as well. The clerk of court came in and told me that I would be needing to file against him, in order to retain my right to inhabit the residence. So I did as she asked. I did tell her that I was not looking to get a protective order against him, however I did not want to lose my right to inhabit the premises. The judge, upon reviewing the paperwork, decided to Grant the orders all the way around. And she gave him immediate  full control of the premises. For almost a week now I have been without so much as a clean pair of panties or socks. (I bought new ones) My work clothes, work shoes, and all of my worldly possessions are locked up in Beaver Dam Arizona.  The information provided by them to the court to obtain the protective order, was not truthful. I,  however,  was honest throughout the process.  So, I  returned the instrument marked "  Return for cause , without commercial dishonor,  and, No Recourse. "  "I do not accept the terms of this contract. I do not consent of these proceedings." I  I enclosed a copy of my UCC 1 - 308. As well as in affidavit of right to occupancy , intent to inhabit,  and,  invocation of my right to peaceful domicile.  I gave the Court until 5p.m. tomorrow to respond with any objections.  And made the claim that silence equals estoppel and tacit approval of all facts within,  and stated that if response was not given by deadline the affidavit would stand as law. It's Friday evening.  The order, that for all intents and purposes gave someone a legal right to rob me still stands. The only response the court gave was that the court doesn't accept ex parte communications.  HELP... Please? What next?