Trial by Jury

For more than eight hundred years --- that is, since Magna Carta, in 1215 - there has been no clearer principle of English or American constitutional law, than that, in criminal cases, it is not only the right and duty of juries to judge what are the facts, what is the law, and what was the moral intent of the accused; but that it is also their right, and their primary and paramount duty, to judge of the justice of the law, and to hold all laws invalid, that are, in their opinion, unjust or oppressive, and all persons guiltless in violating, or resisting the execution of, such laws. The following is an essay on the Trial by Jury, by Lysander Spooner in MP3 or you can read the essay - TRIAL BY JURY.pdf

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i'M STUCK  on Art. 1 Rule of Law.  Took the test correctly over 5 times but a message says I have to answer the question? All were answered and none left over to apply?

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I and my rights were certainly violated on Jan. 11-13, 2016. A local nuisance complaint was made about all my stuff. ( I had recently moved into the house.) And yes I had been in a larger house before this one and I had a lot of things. The town board served me on Oct 14. And a clean-up was scheduled for a day in Nov, but never happened on their part due to weather. And in the meantime I rented the garbage mans corntruck and got rid of alot of stuff. At the Dec board meeting they seemed to be satisfied at my progress. Yet at the Jan board meeting they decided and stated that they would start proceedings for another cleanup. Would'nt that consist of another sheriff's service taking place? A notice of somekind? It didnt happen. I requested the corntruck again. And Chris brought it by on Sun Jan 10th. And the city clerk/meter reader/mower found out that I was going out of town to take my friend to see her knee surgeon a couple hours away And very soon after he was at my house with a big loader breaking and destroying my things. The loveseat under plastic on the front porch he loaded and an antique rocker with a saddle stitched on the back and wagon wheels for the armrests which belonged to my husband who died of cancer in Jan 2013. It can't be replaced. My dishwasher too. They
were broken and smashed into the corn truck. My dog kennels, a tent castle for the grand kids out in the backyard I had filled with things, baskets of belongings for protection from the weather. Because I had no place to put it yet. He loaded up a brand new box of ceramic floor tiles broke them too. I had a clothesline and he took it down and loaded it to get to some furniture under a tarp in behind the propane tank and some plastic fencing and rolled metal fence. He took all 3 of my lawnmowers and bagers. And 2 of my 3 bicycles. Choosing which one to leave me. Took all the metal on day 3 including all my scrap I had in back. He took 3 8ft piece of heavy white picket fence. Also removed Six 4'×8' snow fence/ lattice attached to the porch. Said I was just hiding stuff with it. And he hit my GMC Pickup with the loader while going in and around my back yard retrieving and destroying my property. ( I've got pictures of the tracks in snow and property before during and after) Taking out the headlight, blinker, licence plate and cracked the bumper. Bending up the hood and side quarter-panel. He also hit it behind the passenger door as well as hitting the camper into the privacy fence breaking the post completely, and offsetting the fence by about 8 inches. And he was trying to hurry and get it all done before I got back. As well as trying to get the humane society to take my dogs, because of breed specific statutes they have put into place here. And still will not let me register them with the city for tags.
They just happened to be in town picking up 60+ dogs and puppies at a puppy mill. They could find no reason to take my dogs. There was fresh water and they were inside the house. Yet when I called the sheriff about the destruction and taking of my property He said I've got bigger problems; talking about my dogs of course. Not caring for my legitimate complaint. I know in my heart what they did was illegal. And speaking to a attorney he basically confirmed that yea they did.
And gave me another attorney to call who gave me another and another and so on... Nobody will help me. I'm a 50+ year old woman with a bad back and knee. Hit by a Cadillac while flagging yrs ago. And it takes me longer to get things done these days and I just feel violated beyond all hope here. Please can someone look into this for me? Didn't I at least deserve a fine $$ or something before this kind of thing took place? And what make s a village /city-board, judge n jury? No court order to allow them to trespass necessary here or what? Please Advise.
Sincerely, Barbara Friedrichsen. Ashton, Nebraska.

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ok I think if we each could share "if" story's brain food.... If a UPS Truck hits you, you do the lawsuit on UPS: after all they put that driver behind the wheel gave him the Privilege to drive their truck RIGHT..
what if a person that has lost his"privilege" to have a license because of say drunk driving? and he pays the DMV fines does the DMV classes that of course he also pays for,, so after paying what like 10,000. to DMV. the DMV gives him back his license and then he hits you! why have we not done a lawsuit on the DMV after all they give out a Privilege and therefore they are accountable from any wrong done while that privilege is being used.. just stop and think about it

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ok today in court before court i did battle from 8 am till 11 am .against the judge and prosecutor, who by the way Both is paid by the same people,,so no fair trial... so in this battle of word games i was told i would be put in jail ect (the fear factor they use) and an unconstitutional Jury that all were ignorant of the constitution.. i asked them.. after this behind close door battle and my objections for this matter to move forwards in the court room, for in and on the record i told the judge that if he was to uphold his oath to office the state or gov. could not force him to BEACH his DUTY to the Supreme Laws of this Land the CONSTITUTION.. and BOOM! the case was DISMISSED with all my charges..i must tell i only could have done this because of National Liberty Alliance the BATTLE was NOT EASY for #HRS and they knew it no other cases were being heard in that court!! they did not want it PUBLIC....People seeing the fight they knew before hand i had my rights with me..

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We don't lose until we quit. We are The People, we don't quit. Therefore, we can't lose.

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I understand your doubt that we will not succeed unless we have the physical might to battle in a violent revolution. I pray it doesnt come to that. We will co opt the services of these current public servants. They will be assured that this will happen, and they have no authority or legal basis to stop the people from taking back their courts. We will assure them we are not an adversary, we just want them to obey their oath of office. That is to serve the people and act for the common good, (hence common law.) The ONLY choice for our judges, clerks, sheriffs and other oath takers is to Serve the common good, or be removed from office and be replaced by a man of honor and of God. The Sheriff is the peoples enforcement arm.

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Do anyone have any update on the hearing that was held on the 24th in New York

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Earl Nightingale said that anyone who is engaged in a worthy pursuit IS a success. The only way to fail is to quit and that is not an option for the NLA.
Perhaps it's time for a 2014 Magna Carta. These self appointed kings (judges) are more volunerable than they appear and the modern day 25 are getting restless.

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I know it is working, Fellow Patriots!!! Keep up the GREAT work, Fellow 3 % ers', WE know who WE are! Carry On! Yours Truly, Private first class Mary Ellen Bagnaschi in the Army of God!

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gardenweed, I do understand your frustrations and your negativity. But you forget one very important detail: Russia is a communist country. The USA is not! If our courts continue their lawless acts, we, the people, STILL have the legal right and power to stop them. The only way they won't be stopped is if we do nothing. So, do something!

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The punishment of Imprisonment is subject to the protections of the Jury. Why shouldn't the the taking of Parental Rights be also?