Declaration to Restore the Law of the Land


Against the United States Supreme Court, Federal Judiciary,
US House of Representatives & US Senate

Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive to our Rights,
It is the Right of the People to alter government, and Institute New Servants

                                       Preamble Declaration of Independence

The people have an indubitable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to reform or change their Government,
whenever it be found adverse or inadequate to the purposes of its institution.

                                                                              James Madison

“This is That Process!”

Since May 20, 2015 We the People served and filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York One Hundred and Sixty Documents (160) upon the above said defendants for the “Specific Recovery of the Peoples Heritage” stolen by past Judiciaries, Congresses, and Presidential Administrations sustained by the present United States Supreme Court, Federal Judiciary, US House of Represenatives, and U.S. Senate. The record shows that no respondent made any Return and no respondent provided any objection.

The natural liberty of man is to be free from any superior power on Earth, and not to be under the will or legislative authority of man, but only to have the law of nature for his rule.” - Samuel Adams. This is an “Extraordinary Action at Law” by the People under Natural Law for an “Extraordinary Remedy” via Writ Mandamus demanding a return to the Law.

The People have been Providentially Provided Legal Recourse to
Address The Criminal Conduct of the Judiciary

The Common Law Grand Jury, on behalf of the People from December 2016 to present, commanded, via Writ Quo Warranto, Informations, and Writ Mandamuses, to all elected, appointed and hired servants to obey the Law of the Land and join the People in our quest to reinstate the Constitution for the United States of America and bring to Justice all subverters who resist. 

We the People have been providentially entrusted via Natural Law to dispense justice and were provided legal recourse to address the criminal conduct of the Judiciary and our Representatives. The People have the unbridled right by law and in law to empanel their own grand juries and present True Bills of information, indictments and presentments to a Court of Justice which is then required to commence a criminal proceeding under Natural Law.

On August 12th 2019 the Jury filed a Declaration with an Order and Decision, CLICK HERE TO READ.

We are also joining 100's of abusive court cases. Whereas, the jury will review and serve decisons and orders on behalf of the People. We are still taking on cases and if you would like to join your case CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

CLICK HERE to join our Open Forum for further more information and Q&A every Monday night at 9PM EST.

Filed 15-05-15_Writ_Quo_Warranto.pdf



New York Safe Act Moved for Cause



Chief Judge Robert J. Jonke, United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania
Chief Judge Joy Flowers Conti, United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania
Chief Judge Joseph Normand Laplante, United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire
Chief Judge George H. King, United States District Court for the Central District of California
Chief Judge Ann L. Aiken, United States District Court for the District of Oregon
Chief Judge Marsha J. Pechman, United States District Court for the Western District of Washington
Chief Judge Dana L. Christensen, United States District Court for the District of Montana
Chief Judge Jerome B. Simandle, United States District Court for the District of New Jersey
Hon Mark A. Montour, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan
Chief Judge David Gregory Kays, United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri
Chief Judge Linda R. Reid, United States District Court for the Northern District of Iowa
Chief Judge Joseph Normand Laplante, United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire
Chief Judge Phyllis Jean Hamilton, United States District Court for the Northern District of California
Chief District Judge Marsha J. Pechman, United States District Court for the Western District of Washington
Chief Judge Janet C. Hall, United States District Court for the District of Connecticut
Sam E Haddon, United States District Court for the District of Montana
Chief Judge Carol Bagley Amon, United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York
Chief Judge Ann Aiken, United States District Court for the District of Oregon
Chief Judge J. Daniel Breen, United States District Court for the Western district of Tennessee
Chief Judge Robert J. Jonker, United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan

Chief Judge Carin Schienberg
Chief Judge Carin Schienberg
Chief Judge David Nuffer
Chief Judge Frederick J. Lauten
Chief Judge Kathleen Brickley
Chief Judge Scott Needham
Chief Justice Lenore Gelfman
Chief Justice Paula Carey
Judge A C McKay Chauvin
Judge Alfred J. Jennings, Jr.
Judge Cortland Corsones
Judge D. Hinrichs
Judge Daniel A. Ottolia
Judge David J. King
Judge Eddie Rodriquez
Judge Francis Mathew
Judge George B. Turner
Judge Gordon R. Burkhart
Judge James Wilson Abrams
Judge John Braxton
Judge John J. DiMotto
Judge Jon Theison
Judge Joseph Farneti
Judge Juan B. Colas
Judge Kenneth J. Grispin
Judge Lisa Porter
Judge Lonnie Thompson
Judge Mary Ann Sumi
Judge Michael P. Burns
Judge Nathaniel J Poovey,
Judge Patricia M. Lucas
Judge Paul M Yatron
Judge Roger N. Nanovic
Judge Sandra Champ
Judge Sharon Devreis
Judge Terence
Judge Thomas Michael Deister
Judge Timothy M Wright
Judge Toni E Clarke
Judge Virginia A. Phillips
Judge Wallace A Lee
Magistrate Judge Keith Rosa
Master in Equity Marvin H. Dukes, III

Murder of LaVoy Finicum 24 Page Murder Conspiracy IndictmentConcealment and Felony Rescue Indictment
Hillary Clinton
Harry Mason Reid
BLM Special Agent in Charge Daniel Love for Utah and Nevada
Attorney General Loretta Lynch
FBI Director James Comey
Oregon Governor Katherine Brown
FBI Special Agent Gregory T. Bretzing
Grant County Commissioner Boyd Britton
Sheriff David Ward
Judge Steven Grasty
FBI Agent W. Joseph Astarita
Magistrate Judge Peggy A. Leen
Magistrate Judge Carl Hoffman
US Attorney Daniel G. Bogden
US Attorney Steven W. Myhre
U.S. Attorney Nicholas D. Dickinson
US Attorney Nadia J. Ahmed
US Attorney Erin M. Creegan
Chief Judge Gloria M. Navarro
Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Myhre
Magistrate Judge Michael R. Hogan
Chief Judge Ann L. Aiken
Magistrate Judge Patricia Sullivan
U.S. Attorney Amy E. Potter
U.S. Attorney Frank R. Papagni, Jr.
Judge Anna J. Brown
Magistrate Judge John Acosta
Judge Stacie F. Beckerman
Judge Dustin Pead
U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams
U.S. Attorney Ethan D. Knight
Assistant U.S. Attorney Geoffrey A. Barrow
Assistant U.S. Attorney Craig Gabriel
numerous John/Jane Doe(s) from multiple agencies (To be identified) which include, but are not limited, to the Local Police, State Police, BLM, FBI and NGO Contractors.

Judge Lawrence E. Kahn US District Court for th Northern District of New York


Filed December 14, 2016


Filed 2015 and 2016 in all 94 Federal District Courts






Indictment LaVoy Finicum Murder

1024-02 Indictment Judge Kahn


Persistent's picture

I am most concerned what has happened to this man. It was not even 30 days ago and I called the Sheriff office and no one knows anything about the case. No publicity and no help. I donated to Go Fund Me and no one has since me. No funs set aside in reverse mortgages for repairs which are likely in most cases to maintain a house.  Where are the safety nets, helping orgainizations, retired veterans who could help repair it?  Just for the cost of a roof repair. They don't show any damage and no one reports the cost to repair.
Reverse mortgages are a trap because they will not let you out of it.  If you cannot manage to stay they get to keep the house and sell it at great profit most likely in most cases and get the rest of your equity which likely you have barely touched, for a small monthly check.
Why didn't they address the needed roof repair when they gave him the mortgage and had it repaired?  Didn't develop to what is being made a big deal overnight.
He was asking them to shoot him, as he had no place to go and his property was boarded up with the house and his pets taken away.  For the cost of the 50 personnel, heliocopter, etc, they could have put on a new roof and remodeled the whole house.  Looks like Palestine, but without the bulldozer in the photo.
What can we do to help besides donating, which needs a lot of publicity that his case likely will not get?  Checked the news in Madeira Beach, Fl and saw nothing about him. 
No information on the cost of the repair which seems likely as no one says it needs replacement.  Breaks my heart for his situation.  It could be any one of us.

Docadvocate's picture

I am a newbie to this Great Organization and a member and grateful for the wealth of knowledge found here regarding our Riights as a Sovereign People.  The Dick Act of 1902 if you Google it will show and prove to you the importance and impact of the Second Amendmend and backs up its rhetoric and basically destroys any anti gun legislation that may come up as a result of Treasonous Congressional and Senate persons from introducing any anti gun laws.  Actually it actually says that any House of Representative who votes for an anti gun bill is guilty of Treason and should be voted out of office.  The only weapons we have against tyrannical government is our guns, the power of the vote and our Courts no matter how corrupt they maybe.  You can do more damage against these corrupt officials with writing complaints and doing motions ergo the pen is mightier thena the sword but I sure as hell would rather have an Excaliber sword next to me or a .45 then the Police on speed dial.  As the police have absolutely no duty to protect you.  Most people don't know this. 

Harley Davidson Borgais's picture

I think its time we file a Law Suit against the entire Federal Govt. and all the States, force a 'recurrence to fundamental principles' (Az./Wa.Const), eliminate ALL 'victimless crimes' and MOST 'civil offenses' (which I can PROVE CANT be 'lawful' using these 'fundamental principles' of 'the supreme Law of the Land' in these 'LawDocs' I'm finishing now, for THIS purpose, and to GIVE to everyone, and SHOW them how to 'GovernPublicServants' #LIKEaSOVEREIGN, @, and restore our 'lawful' 'money', missing TONA, remove the already ruled null and void 'income tax' amendment (renumber current 13&14 as they SHOULD be), and a LOT more!
I HOPE TO WORK WITH YOU GUYS ON THIS, because it seems like THIS page and project has already done MOST of the work, collecting the FACTS we need to actually restore our 'Constitutional Republic' PERMANENTLY!
I'm quite sure, based on experience with many, many cops, and courts, that these 'fundamental principles' I've put together are CRUCIAL to actually acheiving these goals!
'Fundamental principles' like the 'Purpose of government' ('establish the Blessings of Liberty', 'protect and maintain individual rights', US/Az,&Wa. Const), 'probable cause' (4th Amend. & US.Supr.Ct), THREE 'elements' to a 'crime' ('Corpus Delicti' especially, some harm to another Humans equal 'individual rights'), and basic 'rights' to privacy, property, free speech and free travel, 'Justice', Liberty, 'the Pursuit of Happiness', etc..
That is all I need to show cops to make them actually stop enforcing harmless civil and criminal 'offenses' now (did dozens of times), and get cases dismissed (at least 6 now), and two COPS to say 'thats over 90% of what we do', SO NOW ITS TIME TO TAKE THESE 'FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES' AND PUT THEM TO WORK, AND ACTUALLY RESTORE OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, THE WAY IT WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE!
I think these 'fundamental principles', combined with the TONS of work put together HERE on THIS page (in THIS project), combined, are just what we need to ACTUALLY accomplish this goal once and for all!

jesseghostley's picture

Interesting, it sounds like you simplfied the fundamental principles of Common law. What happened to the website looks like its down?

Harley Davidson Borgais's picture

Hello NLA. I have just spent ten years putting together the 'fundamental principles' of 'the common law' which are 'the supreme Law of the Land' in these 'LawDocs', and now I can make police actually stop enforcing harmless civil and criminal 'offenses', and have DOZENS of times, and got at least 6 cases against myself dismissed, and Two COPS have told me 'thats over 90% of what we do'!  SO NOW THAT I CAN PROVE 'OVER 90%' OF WHAT POLICE ENFORCE, IS NOT ENFORCEABLE, AND ACTUALLY STOP THEM FROM ENFORCING IT, I NEED TO CONTRIBUTE THIS KNOWLEDGE TO YOUR EFFORTS! 
I was planning to file suit against the entire Federal Govt. and all States, but then I saw THIS page, and it seems you guys already started the process...SO PLEASE LET ME CONTRIBUTE!
If it is possible, I really need to start earning a living with this knowledge, but if thats not an option, I still want to contribute as much as I am able to.
You can go to the top 'Pinned Post' on to get these 'LawDocs' for free, and watch me explain to the cops why harmless 'offenses' are just not enforceable, and I have over 100 more videos to add when time permits! And I'm building websites like and (and more to come, similar to yours, for the same purpose(s)).
BASICALLY THIS IS WHAT I TELL POLICE TO MAKE THEM STOP ENFORCING HARMLESS 'OFFENSES'...We need ONLY to 'state...true full name' when stopped, and submit to LEGIT search warrants and arrest, but ONLY when there is 'probable' evidence to accuse us of an actual 'crime', which can ONLY exist if there are ALL THREE 'Elements' to a 'crime': Some 'injury or harm', or at least 'probable' endangerment or threat to another Humans equal 'individual rights', CAUSED BY 'intent or inexcusable neglect' of the accused/suspect (such as when Public Servants 'make or enforce' 'any Thing' they 'reasonably should know' IS 'to the Contrary' of 'the supreme Law of the Land'!), AND (Not only) violation of a valid criminal law!
So basically all 'victimless crimes' and almost all 'civil offenses' are just not enforceable!
And we DO have the 'right to free travel' without a 'license' or 'tag' on public roads in an automobile, unless you exericse the 'privilege' to 'drive' 'people or property for hire' or move a house for example, on OUR Public Roads!
So now that I can do all that, I need to start making a living, and I REALLY want to contribute these 'Fundamental Principles' to YOUR GUYS' EXCELLENT WORK!
Also btw, I learned, when a Cop wont stop and listen, call 911 Immediately, and explain why what the cop is doing is not 'lawful' there on public recording (I got the recording of the last time this happened to me, so I can file suit soon), and....
In court, I've learned, to file the motion to dismiss (or whatever you're filing), along with a 'notice of claim' against the Judge and Prosecutor in case they dont either comply with YOUR 'Lawful Orders' nor PROVE your legal claims/arguments/defenses/allegations wrong, and MAKE SURE to motion for Pre-Trial Conference, and READ YOUR DEMANDS, AND THEIR DUTY, AND HOW/WHY THEY WILL BE LIABLE IF THEY DONT COMPLY OR PROVE YOU WRONG, ON THE PUBLIC RECORD! 
The 'Notice of Claim of Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law' should explain WHICH laws THEY are violating, HOW you will sue them, HOW what they are doing IS 'to the Contrary' of 'the supreme Law of the Land', so they know exactly what will follow if they dont comply with your demands or prove you wrong.
That way the Judge CANT ignore your filings, and MUST respond then, on the public record, or then you will have all the proof you need to immediately file suit, and/or criminal charges, for 'deprivation of rights under color of law'! (And whatever other 'offenses' THEY committed!).

DannySGregg's picture

I am a recent premium member and I have a federal "conspiracy to distribute marijuana" case ongoing since May, 2016. Is it too late to add my case to this Declaration ??  I am taking your "Government by Consent " course and I copied the forms on here to add my case on. I just have to fill them out........Please let me know.....Thank You Sooooo!! Much for the work you all are doing !!!!      Daniel Gregg,  Ashland, OR

Harley Davidson Borgais's picture

What I would do in your case is immediately file a Motion to Dismiss ('With Prejudice', 'In the Interest of Justice', as I've done for myself in the past btw), AND attach a COURTESY 'Notice of Claim of Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law' (Just the part that explains HOW you will file suit against THEM, if they dont dismiss, or prove you wrong, the actual part you will file, quoting the relevant laws), AND motion for Pre-Trial Conference, AND READ ON THE PUBLIC RECORD WHY THEY WILL BE PERSONALLY LIABLE IF THEY DONT DISMISS, or prove you wrong, for 'deprivation of rights under color of law', BECAUSE...
The 'fundamental principles' of 'the supreme Law of the Land' (aka 'the common law', see Amend.7 btw, it has the FINAL say on what's 'law' here!), require ALL THREE 'elements' for a 'crime' to exist: 'injury or harm', or at least 'probable' threat or endangerment, to another Humans equal 'individual rights' ('Corpus Delicti'), CAUSED BY 'intent or inexcusable neglect' of the accused/suspect ('Mens Rea'), AND (NOT only) violation of a VALID Criminal Law ('Actus Reus'), FOR ALL 'searches and seizures'....
And because of our 'right to privacy' (also per Amend.7, and 'Case Precedent'/'common law', etc.), we need ONLY "state...true full name" when there IS 'probable' evidence to accuse us of an actual 'crime' against another Persons equal 'rights', and submit to LEGITIMATE Search Warrants (from an 'impartial' Judge) and arrest, NOT show any ID! 
And we ONLY need to show a 'license' when exercising an actual 'privilege' such as to 'drive' 'people or property for hire', as opposed to the 'right to travel' in an automobile on public roads, without any 'license' or 'tag'!
(You can get these 'sources of authority' from 'the supreme Law of the Land' in these 'LawDocs' free on, or which has the more recent versions right now btw. And I am for hire to help others get harmless 'offenses' dismissed, and file suits for present and past 'deprivation of rights under color of law' now).
SO, IN YOUR CASE, I would probably file that, and even if they DO dismiss right away, still I might go forward with the Lawsuit (That would just reduce the total claim, and avoid them becoming personally liable too, Judge and Prosecutor, for not dismissing something I/We/You can SHOW is NOT 'Constitutional'!)! 
As an example, when a Lawyer named James Trezevant was unlawfully and arrested, and detained about 23 minutes, he filed suit and got $25,000, in 1984, so that makes for a 'precedent' of $1,086 PER MINUTE for unlawful detention (Starting the minute you're stopped without 'probable cause' to accuse you of an actual 'crime' or exercising an actual 'privilege' 'subject' to 'regulation', 'civil citations', etc.!).
And there USED TO be a max of $10,000 per right violated in the US Codes for 'deprivation of rights under color of law' (42-1983/1985/1986, etc., and Crim. 18-241/242, etc.), so I START at that #...
And 'case precedent' sets a max per case at $2 Million, so I set THAT # as the 'punitive damages' against the Govt., to make them stop (Though we should EXPECT the Judge or Jury to set much lower #'s in their decision, unless we're lucky!)...
And I would charge $300/hr for my/our time practicing law, the 'Top Percentile' for this Country last I checked (Though obviously I would charge a lot less if you wanna hire me to do this work for you, as I'm just starting to seek work after Ten YEARS of figuring all this out, barely getting by. This is for the court award, and if/when you win, you could subtract whatever you paid me already, or just whatever we agree to).
And obviously you would calculate any other losses, like wages, property, etc., and add that to your suit.

Jan@NLA's picture

Just send the forms to and they will advise you. Jan

Ginger's picture

Hello Again John,
Sharing information for ..  current State of our World.. Wiinnow on in to all especially the Shadow Government..
The Secret Shadow Government – A Structural Analysis
Source provided by “Nothing But Truth Natasha” 
First part ~ visit site above for the rest of the sad sick TRUTH. In Kindness, Ginger

The secret "shadow" government is the large organisational network which operates alongside the officially elected and appointed government of the United States of America. Just as with the official government, the secret government has functional branches.

Just as with the official government, the Shadow Government has functional branches. However, unlike the official government, the purpose of the non-executive branches of the Shadow Government is simply to distribute various functions, but not to achieve a system of checks and balances, as was supposed to happen constitutionally between the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the U.S. Government. That is because the Shadow Government is a creature of a powerful elite, who need not fear being dominated by an instrument of their own creation.
In the Shadow Government five branches may be identified. These branches are: the Executive Branch, the Intelligence Branch, the War Department, the Weapons Industry Branch, and the Financial Department.
The reporting lines of the Intelligence Branch and the War Department to the Executive Branch are straightforward and obvious. Intelligence exists to provide the Executive Branch with sufficient necessary information to make adequately informed policy decisions. The War Department exists to provide coercive force to carry out Executive policy decisions which could meet with public resistance. The Special Operations units within the Intelligence Branch and War Department exist to carry out policy directives requiring covert action and official deniability.
The Weapons Industry Branch reports to the Executive Branch most often indirectly, through the War Department and/or the Intelligence Branch (for Black Budget weapons systems).
The Financial Department theoretically reports to the Executive Branch for fiscal policy implementation, but de facto also reports directly to the international power brokers who have created the Shadow Government. The Financial Department serves at times directly as their instrument of fiscal policy implementation.
An analysis of the overall purposes of these five branches suggests that the overall purpose of the Shadow Government is to exercise covert control by:

  • Collecting comprehensive institutional and personal information
  • By establishing national and international policy independently of the established Government
  • By developing high-tech arms and equipment, and, with these, establishing small, specialized, highly mobile, elite military units to effect these covert policies, when need arises, without having to rely on the official (and "unreliable") Armed Services, (whose subservience to the Shadow Government is reasonably suspect)
  • By developing an armed capability to repel any threat to the status quo, (including the uncertain ontological, social, and economic impacts of any revelation of the reality of UFO and extraterrestrial presence) through the development of a Star Wars/BMDO ground and space-based surveillance and SDI weapons network
  • By denying information compromising to the Shadow Government from all those outside "need-to-know" policy-making levels
  • By exercising control on the money supply, availability of credit, and the worth of money, through policy decisions made outside of the official Government



Council on Foreign Relations
(CFR) includes George Bush, Bill Clinton, all modern CIA Directors, most modern Joint Chiefs of Staff, most modern Cabinet and top Executive Branch appointed officeholders, etc.

Tri lateral Commission
David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, John D. Rockefeller, Alan Greenspan, Zbignew Brzezinski, Anthony Lake, John Glenn, David Packard, David Gergen, Diane Feinstein, Jimmy Carter, Adm. William Crowe, etc.

The Bilderberg Group
Prince Hans-Adam of Liechtenstein, Prince Bernhard of Netherlands, Bill Clinton, Lloyd Bentsen, etc.

National Security Council
(NCS), the military and intelligence policy-making and control group for national and international security, which reports directly to the President, its secret 5412 Committee (which directs black [covert] operations), and its PI-40 Subcommittee (aka MJ-12: which exercises policy direction and control of the UFO Cover-Up).

Joint Chiefs of Staff
(JCS)'s Special Operations compartment, the operations directorate which implements the orders of the NSC's 5412 Committee, utilizing the U.S. Special Forces Command.

National Program Office
(NPO), which operates the Continuity of Government Project (COG), an ongoing secret project to maintain command, control, communication and intelligence executive centers during an extreme National Emergency by operating clandestine, secure, underground cities staffed by surrogates for above ground national leaders.

Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEMA's black projects compartment, which operates federal preventive-detention camps [often located on military bases or Federal Bureau of Land Management lands], secure underground shelters for the elite during cataclysms, etc.


National Security Agency
(NSA), monitors and screens all telephone, telegraph, computer modem, radio, television, cellular, microwave, and satellite communications, and electromagnetic fields "of interest" around the world, and orchestrates information-control and cover-up activities related to UFO secrecy and surveillance of extra-terrestrial operations, Fort Meade, MD.

National Reconnaissance Office
(NRO), controls and collects information from global spy satellites, monitors UFO traffic entering and leaving Earth's atmosphere, coordinates firing of energy beam weapons from orbiting Star Wars satellites at selected human ground and airborne targets and selectively at extra-terrestrial craft, Pentagon basement and Dulles Airport area, VA.

National Reconnaissance Organization
(NRO) (aka MJ-TF), the military/intelligence operations arm of the PI-40 Subcommittee, conducts surveillance, interdiction, capture and confiscation of UFOs and their extra-terrestrial occupants for intelligence and "International Security" purposes; surveilles and "interacts" with close encounter experiencers, including occasional physically and sexually assaultive mind control kidnappings disguised as "Alien abductions" for psychological warfare and dis-informational purposes, headquarters unknown, probably compartmented and dispersed among various elite Delta Force Special Operations units, such as the USAF Blue Light at Hurlburt Field, Mary Esther, FL and Beale Air Force Base, Marysville, CA.

Central Intelligence Agency
(CIA), commands, often controls, and sometimes coordinates, the gathering of secret overseas information gathered by spies (HUMINT), electronic surveillance (SIGINT), and other means; carries out covert unconstitutional paramilitary counterinsurgency operations and preemptive political pacification projects in violation of international law, as well as counter-intelligence sting operations against foreign agents; engages in domestic surveillance, and manipulation of the U.S. political process, "in the National interest" in direct violation of its congressional charter; operates proprietary "false front" companies for profit; conducts a major share of international trans-shipment of illegal drugs, using National Security cover and immunity; and cooperates with NSA's UFO cover-up operations, Langley, VA, and worldwide branches.

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Counter Intelligence Division
The branch which investigates, surveilles and neutralizes foreign Intelligence agents operating within the U.S., and cooperates with the National Reconnaissance Organization in the surveillance of those involved in close encounters with UFOs and extra-terrestrials.

Department of Energy Intelligence
(DOE-INTEL), which conducts internal security checks and external security threat countermeasures, often through its contract civilian instrumentality, the Wackenhut Corporation.

NSA's Central Security Service and CIA's Special Security Office
Which respectively spy on the spies, and conduct special operations which cannot be entrusted to line intelligence officers, Ft. Meade, MD and Langley, VA.

U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command
(INSCOM) whose assignments include psychological and psychotronic warfare (PSYOPS), para-psychological intelligence (PSYINT), and electromagnetic intelligence (ELMINT), Ft. Meade, MD.

U.S. Navy Office of Naval Intelligence
(ONI), which gathers intelligence affecting naval operations, and has a compartmented unit involved in UFO and USO [Unidentified Submerged Objects] information gathering.

U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations
(AFOSI), which gathers intelligence affecting aerospace operations, and has a compartmented unit involved in investigating UFO sightings, extra-terrestrial contact reports, as well as IAC [Identified Alien Craft] surveillance, and coordination with NRO interdiction operations, Bolling Air Force Base, MD.

Defense Intelligence Agency
(DIA), which coordinates the intelligence data gathered from the various Armed Services intelligence branches (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and Special Forces), and provides counter-threat measures, (which include providing security at ultra-classified installations by the deployment of U.S. "Thought Police", who conduct surveillance, by remote viewing and other para-psychological measures, against penetrations and scanning by foreign or civilian remote viewers [clairvoyants/out-of-body seers], Pentagon, VA, Fort Meade, MD, and the entire astral plane.

NASA Intelligence
Which gathers intelligence data relating to space flights, sabotage threats, astronaut and reconnaissance satellite encounters with UFOs and ETs, and coordinates the transfer of alien technology to U.S. and allies' aerospace operations.

Air Force Special Security Service
Which is an NSA/USAF joint intelligence operations unit dealing with possible threats to aerospace operations from foreign powers, terrestrial or otherwise.

Defense Industry Security Command
(DISCO), which conducts intelligence operations within and on behalf of the civilian defense contractor corporations engaged in classified research, development, and production.

Defense Investigative Service
(DIS), which conducts investigations into people and situations deemed a possible threat to any operation of the Department of Defense.

Naval Investigative Service
(NIS), which conducts investigations against threats to Naval operations.

Air Force Electronic Security Command
Which conducts surveillance and interdiction of threats to the security of Air Force electronic transmissions and telemetry, and to the integrity of electronic countermeasure (ECM) warfare equipment.

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Intelligence
Which conducts surveillance and interdiction of drug smuggling operations, unless exempted under "National Security" waivers.

Federal Police Agency Intelligence
Which coordinates intelligence relating to threats against federal property and personnel.

Defense Electronic Security Command
Which coordinates intelligence surveillance and countermeasures against threats to the integrity of military electronic equipment and electronic battlefield operations), Fort Worth, TX.

Project Deep Water
The ongoing effects of the compromised personnel, sources and methods resulting from the secret importation of Hitler's own Nazi Intelligence chief, Gen. Reinhard Gehlen, to redesign the US's Intelligence apparatus.

Project Paperclip

The ongoing results of the secret importation of Nazi weapons and aerospace/UFO scientists into U.S. secret military research and development bases.

Ginger's picture

Hey John,
Another concern, the Declaration referred to is of the original Constitution ergo obsolete replaced by the Act of 1871 on which America is now operating aka the Corporation DC the Courts Statutory Law. Please clarify.
In Kindness,

Harley Davidson Borgais's picture

Thanks to the Oath and Contract all Public Servants swear and sign, as required by Art.6 of the Constitution for the United States of America, no matter what form or area of 'law' you deal with (UCC, Common Law, Statutory Law, etc.), its IMPOSSIBLE to escape the personal liability for even 'neglect to prevent' 'any Thing' they 'reasonably shold know' IS 'to the Contrary' of the 'fundamental principles' of 'the supreme Law of the Land' (aka 'the common law')!
That means that 'any the Contrary' of the US Constitution and 'Laws made in Pusuance thereof' ONLY (NOT 'any the Contrary') is 'null and void', 'ab initio' (from the start), 'In legal contemplation as inoperative as though it had never been passed.'! (US.Supr.Ct).
SO, that means that MOST of what we have ALLOWED our Hired Public Servants to 'make or enforce' the WHOLE TIME since the Declaration of Independence in 1776, has MOSTLY been 'unlawful'!
And I know from two COPS who've told me 'thats over 90% of what we do', that all harmless civil and criminal 'offenses' basically are just not enforceable, as I've made dozens of cops stop enforcing them, in just a few minutes, by SHOWING them 'the supreme Law of the Land' in these 'LawDocs'!
So its just a matter of FIXING our 'Constitutional Republic', which I though I would have to file suit myself against our entire govt. to fix, but now that I see THIS page, I hope to join and contribute to THIS effort, as it seems they've already done MOST of the work I WOULD have been doing, 'to support and defend the Constitution for the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic', as I swore to do in the Army in 2003.
So NONE of that stuff is legit 'Law of the Land', NONE of it is 'lawful' to 'make or enforce' and its about time we stop ALLOWING our hire SERVANTS to 'make or enforce' them, and start holding them accountable when they do, either by 'intent or inexcusable neglect'!

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Good Morning Harley my name is Antia I was wondering if you have time to contact me regarding for seeking your help? if you have time fill free to contact me at (702)888-4162 I look forward to your call and thanks

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Hey John... Ginger Schaefer here.  Question. You did vet.. "are an assembly of more than seven thousand six hundred Sovereign People", in the submission  FILED AUGUST 17,2019 - Decision_and_Order_and_Declaration_to_Restore_the_Law.pdf

and if not proveable could that be challenged and if so make null and void the whole effort? Reason for the question when I was calling the list I had for Membership many on the list were not active and/or said were not continuing ergo red flag for that number.
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instructions to print 59-page Decision And Order And Declaration To Restore The Law. PDF (FedEx has extra large stapler Green) Stapled and sent via 2nd Day Ground Economical 

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Caution should be excercised when reading certain citations as authoritative in a number of the Memorandums of Law.  Some text that is quoted doesnt appear in the case at all.  Credibitility is at issue!

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please take the time to research and document what you are referring to. Include and cite a list of docs where the omission exists.